Tuesday, November 24, 2009

THE SPEARS – People are Bad 7”

Choking Hazard Records – Tampa (2008)

People Are Bad

Upset Down

Bullet Proof

Chris Barrows: vocals

Sam Williams: guitar

Gary Strickland: bass

Hunter Oswald: drums

Olde-core from Tampa. As with all records featuring either Chris Barrows (Pink Lincolns, Jackie Papers) or Gary Strickland (Hated Youth, Plastic Stars, Honeyrider), it’s a recommended purchase. Not sure who the other 2 dudes are. They must be tops among Tampa low-life. This is fairly standard mid-tempo punk rock – nothing here would sound outta place on a Pink Lincolns record. People are Bad (not a bold statement) is good though both B-side songs are probably better – especially Bullet Proof – it’s short & to the point. I’ll be scanning the internet looking for the next installment.

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  1. Hunter Oswald was drummer for St. Pete's Gotohells and sometimes for Dave Smalley's Down By Law.