Thursday, November 5, 2009


Spacefish Records – Winter Park (1984)


Fight or Die

Jock Mentality


Tyler Stans - vocals

Mike Brown – lead synth

Mike Buchanan – bass synth

Jack McGowan – drums

Keyboards, like everything, have their time and place. That time and place doesn’t really include hardcore punk rock. That didn’t stop Damage from trying. Three of the songs start out like weirdo artpunk and then suddenly speed up to HC velocities. “Chopin” stays at a slower speed and consequently is my favorite song on this record. There are about 1000 bands that sound like this now. Also the lyrical concerns are a little off-putting. Keyboard-driven punk rock should concern outer space or performing science experiments on your sister – not “Jock Mentality” or “Fight or Die”. That said – this is a fairly unique and forward thinking band for 1984. Nice polar bear and palm tree cover art.

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