Thursday, November 5, 2009

THE FRONT – First Strike 7”EP

Foam Records – Miami (1981)

Immigration Report

It’s Over

Teen Idol

Greg McLaughlin

Larry Hill

Steve Myers

Randy Rush

Flynn Picardal

Excellent Devo-inspired single from these Miami rock-guy weirdos. Immigration Report features some rather un-PC lyric concerning Miami’s newest residents following a cool guitar buildup. It’s Over is the most Devo or no-wavy song on the record and almost as good as the A side. 1:19 of perfection. (I don’t wanna be a) Teen Idol (forever) is closer to new wave, but still a decent song. Another 7” followed. I believe these guys have reappeared in some form in the last year or two.

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  1. this blog sucks. post the actual 7"s.