Thursday, November 5, 2009

DRIVE CHOIR – Close Your Eyes / LaLaLa 7”

Maggot Records – Hialeah (1993)

Johnny Voltage – guitar, vocal

Carl “kiss my ass” Carvajal – bass, vocal

Jeff Fritz – drums, vocals, harmonica

First record by these Hialeah poppity punkers. Close Your Eyes is a nice up-tempo song – almost as good as King of the World from their second record. LaLaLa is also up-tempo pop-punk, unfortunately having a chorus of LaLaLa – but it features some bitchin guitar. Nice idea for a punk rock car on the cover. After the two 7” singles, Drive Choir released a full-length CD disguised as another 7” single and then disappeared.


  1. Do you happen to know of anyone who has the 11 on 7 CD? I have one but song 2 (California) is badly damaged. This is still to date one of my favorite CDs...

    1. there's one for sale on Ebay from a store in NY