Thursday, November 5, 2009

PLASTIC STARS – Sheena Gets Around / Shut-Up 7”

No Front Teeth – Clearwater (2008)

Gaz (Gary Strickland) - vocals, guitar

Johnny – bass/ vocals

Ian – keyboards / vocals

Tommy – drums

Plastic Stars falls somewhere between two of Mr. Strickland’s previous bands – Hated Youth and Honeyrider. Honeyrider made the Beach Boys sound gloomy by comparison and Hated Youth sound exactly like one would expect a band named Hated Youth to sound. This is much closer to Honeyrider territory – almost an exercise in nostalgia for 70’s melodic punk rock – like Buzzcocks or Undertones without the limey accents. No Front Teeth is in fact a UK label. Gary is as good a singer as he was a yeller in HY and I hope there are more singles to follow.


  1. Is there a link at all on here to d/l the 45's? Most blogs that post 45's like this have d/l links. Or is this blog just posting info on the bands?

  2. We at KBF do not believe in giving away other people's music for free. If we could figure out a way to make money - we'd think about it. so - yes - free information.