Saturday, October 24, 2009


Razor Records – Jacksonville (1985)


Just Go Away

Running People Over

Party Dog

Lets Blow this Taco Stand

It’s a Bogus Life

Ray Rae – vocals

Thommy Berlin – guitar

Butler – bass

Rob Akkkkk – drums

Probably the best thing ever from Jacksonville (some Allman Bros and Lynryd Skynyrd possibly excepted). Rather than sitting and sulking in the land of “let’s make the whole dang county into our city – so we can be the biggest” (surprised Texas never thought of this), SSSB made this fine record and more to follow. True to the credo of most Florida punk rock, these guys are not totally serious. Over the course of six songs, we’re treated to near-HC speed songs and slower 50’s, 60’s melodic influences – all memorable and more than competently played. AOT is about as good a hateful punk rock song as I can imagine at the moment. Just Go Away veers toward a commercial new wave sound, but is well written and another stand-out. Running People Over starts with a Gary Numan snippet and winds up stop-start HC concerning running people over. Party Dog is an up-tempo 50’s style rock song. Taco Stand is back to HC and bile. Bogus Life is a statement of the obvious that pretty much sums up the previous five songs. Had they put this out a couple years earlier, collector types would be frothing over it. 1985 gets no respect.


  1. This is Denice Rays Daughter- this IS a spam message so I’m sorry for it not being personal but I am trying to let all of his friends know…
    It is with a heavy heart that I say Ray has passed away March 24th at 1:30am
    After a long fight with cancer and other issues..
    If you would like to know more about the memorial please join the Facebook group Stevie Ray Stiletto lives, or find me on the book of faces..
    Thank you
    Denice McKelvey

  2. Denice, I am so sorry for your loss. Your father and his band put on amazing shows. May he rest in peace.