Tuesday, November 24, 2009


Cycles – Hialeah (1983)

Retirement Home

Rejected From the Premises

Kill the President

Oi Warning

Shock (Mario) – guitar, vocals

Skin – bass, backing vocals

Hippie – drums, backing vocals

This record seems to focus on the state of being a punk or a skinhead or in the case of the drummer, a hippie. This record is ground-zero of the Hialeah Oi connection – an affinity I don’t fully understand. Maybe it’s an island thing. Something’s really off-kilter and disjointed here – not sure if it’s the bad production (Dave Camp usually did better), dodgy musicianship, crappy songwriting or some combination thereof. Loud and aggressive but, except for the first ten seconds of each song, somehow doesn’t really advance the art of loud shitty music. “Oi Warning” has inappropriate punk rock use of a phase shifter, other songs have roto-toms or whatever they call those fukkin things. Ugly cover art before ugly covers were cool! Rumor has it that they sold a bunch of these in the UK – who knows?…..

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