Tuesday, November 24, 2009

FUTURISK – Player Piano 7”EP

Clark Humphrey Records – Deerfield Beach (1982)

Poison Ivy


Push Me Pull You (Part two)

Lonely Streets

Split Second

Richard Hess – Synthesizer

Jack Howard – Drums & Synthdrums

E. Jeremy Kolosine – vocals & synthesizers

Somewhat of a letdown after their first single. Not terrible – just not especially good. A slightly more commercial new wave sound crept in and the interesting or creepy bits are equally matched with dull and fruity moments. I suppose the vocals annoy me the most - I'm ok with the synths. One must remember that in 1982 bands like this were really blazing new paths in music. Sometimes they just took a wrong turn. Push Me Pull You (Pt 2) is probably the best song here, due in part to its instrumental nature.

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  1. I love the singing and this is one of my favorite Synthpunk records....Not a letdown at all guys! Best tracks are Push Me Pull You, Pt.2 (wheres part 1?), Split Second Decision, and Poison Ivy