Saturday, August 22, 2009

UFC – 7” EP

Charged Records – Ft Lauderdale (2000)

Second State

Fuck the World

Punk Rock Stars

I Fucking Hate You

Carlos – bass

Roach – Drums

Jose Juan – guitar

Danny – vocals

Ya gotta give these wackos credit for having giant mohawks in 2000. I would think a giant mohawk would make traditional employment unlikely. I worked with a guy with a mini-hawk in the mid-90’s – there was a short window where you could get away with it. The music is fairly tuneless ugliness influenced by 80’s hardcore and likeminded louts from the United Kingdom. They manage to work the word “fuck” into 50% of their song titles, which is one reason to buy this – along with the shirtless Roach photo on the back.

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