Saturday, August 22, 2009

PINK LINCOLNS – Sumo Fumes (1)

Stiff Pole Records – Tampa (1993)

Chris Barrows – vocals

John Yovino – guitar

Dorsey Martin – guitar

Jim Belonga – bass

Fred Stolz – drums

Oh! Bondage Up Yours


I Got You

First record in their Sumo Fumes line of product. Typically a Sumo Fume includes one or two cover songs and an original along with cover art depicting large Japanese folks. Oh! Bondage Up Yours is a stupid song to cover – You’re only going to sound like shit in comparison to X-Ray Spex – and the Lincolns don’t really pull it off – some cool guitar though. I Got You is a little better – an improvement over the Split Enz on their own song – a lot less fruity than the Kiwis. Monsters is the original, and of course, worth your time & money.

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