Saturday, August 22, 2009

SPAWN SACS – Assholes of the Night EP

No Label – Miami (1997?)

Quannah –drums

Tom – microphone

Raul Ices – bass

Bryan – ass

Kerb- whiskey

Cinque – guitar

Fun Fun Fun Fun Fun Fun City

Buy Now Pay Later


Real Situation

Assholes of the Night

It could be argued that the Spawn Sacs are a Tennessee band – but they drifted down here long enough to record this record and list a Florida address. Bob Marley wrote one of these songs for them. Each song is louder, faster and uglier than the last one (not quite HC, but the 80's HC influence is there), culminating in their raison d’etre “Assholes of the Night”. The Sacs were well known for their superhuman drinking abilities. Also, one of the best cheap-ass covers I’ve seen.

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