Wednesday, August 19, 2009

INCESTIVAL -- 7" compilation EP

KISS OF DEATH RECORDS -- Orlando (2008)

Four bands: New Mexican Disaster Squad, Polluted Youth, Gatorface, Virgins

Sam Johnson -- NMDS, Virgins
Alex Goldfarb -- NMDS, Gatorface
Eric Pitman -- Virgins, Polluted Youth
Rob Ferry -- Polluted Youth
Richard Minino -- NMDS, Gatorface
Nick Allam -- Polluted Youth, Gatorface
Bryan Quilty -- Gatorface
Phil Longo -- Virgins
Brian Wayne Etherington -- NMDS

NMDS -- Yesterday's Faults
Polluted Youth -- Carcinogents
Gatorface -- Risky Business
Virgins -- Our Words

The personnel list above explains the title of this solid compilation of related Orlando bands. All of this stuff is straightforward, fairly quick punk rock. Side one is a little rougher, side two more melodic, but don't fret this stuff never gets too rough or too melodic. If I had to pick a standout, I'd probably point to Gatorface. But there's no call to be picky here. Play it all the way through.

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