Wednesday, August 19, 2009

CUTMAN -- Big Deal 7"

TEAM SCIENCE RECORDS -- Gainesville (2009)

The Itch
Bulldozer Blues

Jonathan Hamilton
Ryan McGrath
Derron Nuhfer
Jason Rockbill

This is one of two simultaneously (or nearly so) released singles that are also available on a single CD. Pretty damn nice heavy cardboard packaging; reminds me of a Rapeman single I have somewhere. Wait a minute...Cutman...Rapeman... No, it has to be coincidence. But then again, I saw this band the other night at the Social in Orlando and didn't I hear a Rapeman song played between Awesome and the Ass-Kickers and these Cutman folks?

I did, but this band does NOT sound like Rapeman. I am confusing things. This is tightly controlled emotive heavy song-driven rock-punk sung by a big guy with low sorta gutteral voice. It is not exactly slow, but these songs aren't going to win any Land Speed Records. And no, it's not cold or angular and there's no synthetic drums or anything.

The B-side could only be written by a Gainesville band as it about land use planning, but not so much from the point of view of anarchists but of urban planners. Bikelanes, property values, widening crosswalks, etc. No Miami (or Chicago) band would write a song like this.

The first two lines of the record: "All your heroes may die in plane crashes/but all my friends will die in their vans."

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