Saturday, August 15, 2009

F – Mess You Up 7” EP

SuperSeven Records – West Palm Beach (1988)

John Galt – vocals

US Ken Decter – guitar

Eddie Nothing – bass

Pete Moss – drums

Shoot It Down

My Girl Has Balls

Clock Strikes Ten

Crack His Skull

White Xmas

These wacky bastards searched high & low for the worst label they could find and found it in the Mystic Family of labels. The record has logos on it for Mystic Records, SuperSeven Records, Thrash Records, Doug Moody Productions, Bootleg Records and Ghetto-Way Records. Kind of like a punk rock General Motors. Shoot It Down is F’s best song that’s not on You’re an EP – great big rock guitars and the way Mr. Galt sings “he’d like to do something right one day, but he won’t….he just can’t” is perfect. Given their reputation as pranksters, I will assume that My Girl has Balls is a work of fiction. Clock Strikes Ten is somewhat sped up and very well executed, but not different enough from Cheap Trick’s original version to be completely necessary. Crack His Skull means well, but doesn’t rise to A-list F. White X-mas is pretty fukkin cool, from the Tiny Tim intro (real Tiny Tim? – I dunno), to the fairly standard punk rock treatment of the carol (strangely also covered by Stevie Stilleto) to the unexpected petal steel guitar and electric guitar solos at the end – it works! And they remember to leave Christ out of X-mas! The true spirit of Florida punk rock, for better or worse, all rolled into one record.

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