Saturday, August 22, 2009

SECTOR FOUR – Disclexia

Destroy – Tallahassee (1983)

Greg Sapronetti – guitar, vocals

Neal Cline – bass, vocals

Paul Suhor – drums, vocals

Heartbreak Hotel

Jump On You

No Revenge


Table Leg

Soon after recording this fine record, Sector Four decided they had to play as fast as their friends in Hated Youth and became less interesting rather quickly – though the song “Destroy” on Rick Lennick’s Florida Explosion tape is probably the best thing they ever did. The record starts with a goofy version of Heartbreak Hotel complete with Elvis-style vocals – it’s not as bad as that sounds – ok. Jump on You concerns the problem of being a teenager – which they all were – the drummer may have been a pre-teen - I don’t know how they managed to play all those shows at Flynn’s without police interest. No Revenge and Time are among their best songs – sci-fi-ish with a rare quality – welcome use of a phase shifter in a punk rock song. Table Leg is 20 seconds of nonsense yelling about “IT’S 1983!!!”. Truly a reason for the denizens of Tallahassee to hold their heads up and be proud – another rarity.

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