Thursday, August 6, 2009

ROACH MOTEL -- What the Hell, It's 7" EP

DESTROY RECORDS -- Gainesville/Fort Lauderdale (1984)

Brooke Shields Must Die
Nothing to Lose
What If Your Mom Liked Drugs?
I Wanna Keep My Gun

Bob Fetz -- vocals
Jeff Hodapp -- guitar
Frank Mullin
Russ Avery -- bass (and embezzlement)

The sophomore effort by the Black-Flag-and-Budweiser fueled Roach Motel starts out with a punk anthem, 'Brooke Shields Must Die,' that is worthy of anything on the first record. Shields, by the way, was a prepubescent movie star that I imagine is long forgotten, although she's apparently still alive. The only role of hers I can recall is the promo line that opens the first 'Rodney on the ROQ' LA punk comp. Oh, forget about Brooke Shields already. Brooke Shields must DIE!

Back to Roach Motel. This is a solid followup to 'Roach and Roll' and doesn't deviate much from the established RM hardcore punk formula. The new addition to the band, Russ Avery, contributes two great songs and apparently ripped off and bankrupted the band as well. But 'What if Your Mom Liked Drugs' (written with Hodapp) and 'I Wanna Keep My Gun' are worth something, which should somehow be (or have been) taken into account in the final settlement. 'Frenzy' and 'Nothing to Lose' are great too. Fine record.
News flash - Sources report, after viewing a My Name is Earl-a-thon, Mr. Avery recently returned all missbegotten monies and was readmitted to the Punk Rock League of Gentlemen.

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