Thursday, August 6, 2009

SHEER SMEGMA -- Audio Suicide 7" EP


Alophen Baby
I Wanna Be a Man
I Owe it to the Girls

Cookie Mold -- vocals
Fish -- bass
Spam Ax-- guitar
Joesaphine Dupont -- drums

There were a number of excellent early punk rock bands in Florida, like The Eat, Charlie Pickett, the Reactions, etc. But there was a traditional sound to each of these that seemed to emphasize the 'rock' in punk rock. Sheer Smegma? Not so much.

This record is casually inept and at times disgusting (see: Alophen Baby). It is also sheer bloody poetry. Check this out: "I gave you quaaludes/I held your cock/we spoke in dipthongs/clubnite." The two songs by Fish ('Clubnite' and 'I Owe it to the Girls') can be enjoyed more than once. The other two must be heard, though. Cookie was a mad genius, queen of uncontrollable vileness and unhealthy habits.

The band self-destructed fairly quickly and, in fact, today Cookie claims to be dead and won't even acknowledge her own existence, let alone her band's. But prior to her demise Jello Biafra's Alternative Tenacles rescued this record from obscurity by reissuing it as a 12" under the name "Teddy and the Frat Boys" and now it sits in punk record collections across the globe. It should be in yours as well.

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