Saturday, July 4, 2009

EVASIVE ACTION – We Bad / Nightstalker 7”

Majestic records – Anthony (1983)

Jack Sferlazza – guitar, vocals
Spazz Sferlazza – bass, synthesizer, vocals
John Davison – vocals
Billy Pattern – guitar, vocals
Ken Genes – drums
Dawn Kozsey – Keyboards, synthesizers, vocals

I had to google Anthony to figure out where the hell it is. It’s a tiny burg outside Ocala. Yikes. I don’t remember ever hearing about this band, “back in the day”. More than likely they were a cover band that played at the Brown Derby and other sad hotspots. Certain aspects of the cover and song titles might lead one to believe this is somehow related to punk rock / new wave. It is not. “We bad” is a true statement if I ever heard one. Bouncing, fake funk, party-music – yuck. Nightstalker has female vocals and is quite a bit better – though in an early MTV type of way – sort of like a less ept Motels.

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  1. As funny as this commentary is, it is a bit untrue. Evasive Action or "EA" as they were called, were a new wave band similar to that of the Cars playing in a state who would not let heavy metal go. EA released 3 singles befoew changing their name to LAZZAR and travelling down the Christian rock road. You can find the debut Lazzar "Let There Be Light" album on Ebay occasionally selling for over $100. EA's first single, the ballad Gently was played on many stations throughout the US, however, without a manager, the band had no one to work their original material. Their 3rd single, a nice pop tune called "Too Good To Be True" would have faired better had it not followed the horrendous "We Bad" -as the band dubbed "We Stink". As band leader, I believed We Bad could have been big, had it been released in the 90's when I remixed it and renamed it "Let's Dance". Most of the band members are in and around Ocala, having made their mark in that town 30 years ago. My brother Tony still plays the curcuit and was a success in his own rite with the industrial group "Sphere Lazza" signed to Cleopatra Records. Nowadays, Ocala is known for the band "A Day To Remember". Anyway, it was EA who paved the way to success and, even though "We Bad" flopped, the band accomplished a great deal in the way of promoting original material.