Saturday, July 4, 2009

VISITORS – Death of a Gunfighter /I’ll Never Know 7”

Three Equals One – Miami (1983)

Julio Rey – guitar, vocals
Peter – bass
Juan Carlos Noa – drums

All in all, a pretty damn good record – both songs feature good guitar, catchy songs, dodgy production, decent vocals – mid-tempo punk style – nearly everything to make you instant KBD heroes. What held these folks from all the glamour of being Florida punk stars, is the fact that they flaunt the fact that they have fallen victim to a common delusion – the one that a dead man is floating up in space that can read your mind and cares about each and every thought and action that you and everyone else on earth has. It really and truly spoils everything when you realize the songs are not about heroin, the crazy girl down the street or smashing the state – but the floating dead man. Julio Rey subsequently released a solo single and later became the leader of the Lead.

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