Saturday, July 4, 2009

DRIVE CHOIR – King of the World / The Box 7”

Esync Records / Maggot Records– Hialeah (1993)

Johnny Voltage – guitar, vocals
Jeff Fritz – drums, vocals
Carl Carvajal – bass, vocals

Second release from Hialeah’s Drive Choir. King of the World is a fast, catchy as hell power-pop-punk song – think Buzzcocks – all about being king of the world and standing on a pedestal. The Box is a winner too – not as easy to categorize, with occasional weird fruity background vocals. Heironymous Bosch did the cover art for them – not sure if he did the porker on the back cover too. Well produced by Rat Bastard and two other dudes. Kinda strange to hear something this upbeat and cheery from Hialeah.

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