Monday, July 13, 2009

THE EAT – Hialeah 7” EP

Jeterboy Records – Hollywood (1995)

Shoes Shoes Shoes
M80 Ant Death
Psychotic McHale’s Navy
Dream of Yogi

Mike O’Brien – vocals, guitar
Eddy O’Brien – guitar, vocals, bass
Chris Cottie – drums
Kenny Lindahl – bass, guitar

A flawless record. I can’t consistently name a favorite or least favorite song on this record. They had 3 or 4 songs recorded in the same sessions that were equally good and a few others that weren’t bad– this should have been an LP in 1995. In my mind Hialeah is a strong contender for best FLA record ever. Previous records seem to be a 50/50 split between the talents of brothers Mike and Eddie – this one leans heavily to Mike. Great guitar work throughout – but nothing quite as amazing as some of the moments on God Punishes. Hialeah (the song) is an ode to the old racetrack – not the crappy city. Shoes Shoes Shoes was originally (I think) a Morbid Opera song named Skumbucket from when Mike was drummer for that band. Total stream of consciousness nonsense over a great riff -“I want to kill all your pets – don’t be afraid of my shoes”. M-80 Ant Death has great back and forth vocals from the O’Briens and promotes a very inefficient way of dealing with a fire ant problem. PMN is another pefect pop-punk masterpiece about god-knows what. Dream of Yogi sounds a little different – it’s written by Kenny Lindahl – and stands up with the others. In a sane world, these guys would have had real music careers – you know – the ones that involve actual money.

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