Wednesday, July 15, 2009

CICHLIDS – Lifeguard Dan – Lifeguard Dan 7” EP

Bold (TK) Records – Hialeah (1980)

Lifeguard Dan
Tourists are Pink

Debbie Mascaro – vocals, guitar
Bobby Tak – drums
Susan Robbins - Bass
Allan Portman – guitar

I’ll always have a spot in my heart for the Cichlids – they were local semi-rockstars in my long lost youth. Their records are pretty damn dated though. In South Florida in 1980, the line between new wave and punk was still being drawn. These folks were clearly in the new wave camp– but disintegrated soon after this record (and their LP) was released. TK Records (of early Miami soul and later disco fame) put this out on their subsidiary Bold label. Inner band and managerial (Robert Mascaro!) wackiness helped doom this band. Lifeguard Dan and Bubblegum are a little too, well, bubblegum to listen to – but Tourists are Pink is pretty good. The Cichlids direct all of their anger at innocent tourists, rather than everyone’s shared enemy – the man.

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