Wednesday, July 15, 2009

KREAMY ‘LECTRIC SANTA – Music for Meditation relaxation and the Imminent Overthrow of all World Governments 7” EP

Starcrunch Records – Miami (1996)

Steak & Acid
Claudette Colbert
Holdin’ Yerself
KLS meets the Phantom of Tropical Park
Heros of the 90’s
T.Smith vs. Gastro in the pits of Dante’s L.A.

SirBoTurbo – guitar, vocals, tapes
Priya Ray – violin, vocals
Jan Nine – vocals, space whispers
Tim Vaughn –drums
Andrew Ross Hurricane Youth Powell – bass

This record continues to be frustrating and pisses me off – but is still essential. At this point in their “careers”, they had the best rhythm section I knew of in music – but were swayed by the lo-fi movement into recording on 2 tracks, ghetto blasters and wax cylinders. These same songs blew yer head off at live shows but sound very one-dimensional here. This is also a concept 7” – another sin – concerning something about Crass – tons of unintelligible propaganda comes with the record. The songs are, of course, avant-punk weirdness of the highest order. The goofy punk ripoff of KLS meets the Phantom rolls into Heros of the 90’s – a classic KLS track with lots of twists and turns, which in turn rolls into a noisy collage-type thing. Side 2 starts with Steak and Acid – (no doubt a bad idea – I tried chicken gyro and acid once and thought I was gonna puke and die). In this case – the song is not harmful and not terribly memorable. Claudette Colbert and to a lesser extent Holdin’ Yerself are almost pretty songs – very nice.

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