Monday, July 13, 2009

THE COMETS – Help Me / Big Business Jokes 7”

Orange Records – Orlando (1983)

Mitch Shields

Help Me sounds vaguely like the Jam – it’s good, I can listen to it. Big Business Jokes sounds more like the Jam than the Jam does – that’s not a compliment – Jesus – get your own sound!! These dudes have one more single that never seems to turn up. I’m pretty sure they played around the Central Florida region quite a bit. I don’t remember seeing them – but who knows…..I’m also not sure if this Orange Records is the same Orange Records that Rich Rags was on.


  1. The Comets first single "SEE IT IN WRITING/"LIVING THE ANSWER" is also very good,and the EP "PICK OF THE LITTER" rocks.Their song "AURORA" is on Hyde & Zekes "THE SINKHOLE TAPES".ORANGE RECORDS was out of Ocala,not Orlando,and also had releases from the bands THINK TANK,CIARA,and GUTTA PERCHA.

  2. Mich Shields (vocals, guitar), Harry Burns (bass), Brian Johnson (drums, 1981), Joe Mach (drums, 1982)