Monday, July 13, 2009


Esync Records – Miami (1990)


Rob Elba – guitar, vocals
Dan Hosker – guitar, vocals
Frank Labrador – bass, vocals
Sam Fogarino – drums

First record by long running South Florida band. As of 2009, they’re still at it – at least Rob and Dan are. I’m not sure what happened to the Labrador guy – and Sam Fogarino fled Florida for fame and fortune with Interpol (the band, not the international police organization). They still play Shine at their shows (write more songs!!!) Holy Terrors were one of the first bands to emerge after the horrible crash of local music in the late 80’s. It’ sounds like the Terrors may have had some career ambitions at the time. Spirit, especially, is very commercial sounding featuring spacey guitar from Mr. Hosker. The record is maybe a little tame – especially given the beast the Terrors would become in live settings. Its good, its produced by Rat Bastard – it’s a nice start.

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