Monday, June 8, 2009

STUN GUNS – I can’t believe it’s not murder EP

Starcrunch Records (4) – Miami (1995)

Brand New Year
Bullet in the Head

Paul Lee Guns (alias Paul Lecours, alias Paul Enema) – vocals, guitar
George Machine Gun Kelley – bass
Buddha Sanchez – guitar
Hurricane Andrew Powell – drums

These ne’er do wells made it look easy. All three songs, together with their other recorded output, are near perfect, catchy as hell punk rock. Paul showed promise with the Lethal Yellow, but blew everyone away with the Stun Guns. The rest of the band kicked ass too and everyone was in other influential bands. In case the song titles didn’t give it away – the Stun Guns focused on crime – making Miami a natural home. Their only drawback was – driving to Miami for a Stun Guns show was no guarantee that you would get to see them play. Happened to me at least twice.

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