Monday, June 8, 2009

SLYDER – Dance with Me / Lucky 7”

Triple Slyde Records – Hialeah (1978??)

Billy Livesay – guitar, vocals
Jimmy Gambone – guitar, cool name
David James – drums & vocals
Jorge Laplume - bass

One of the problems with being semi-obsessive about something (for me collecting Florida records) is that you wind up walking out of a store with something like this. I knew from the start that the cover would be the closest thing to a redeeming value this record would have. It didn’t cost much – a couple dollars – but I remember asking myself – “What’s wrong with me?” Ah, who cares. Anyway these guys reformed a year or two ago to showcase their lack of musical growth opening for the Johnny Depp experience in Pompano. Silver lining (almost) = this is the only copy I’ve ever seen.

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