Monday, June 8, 2009

RICH RAGS – Rejected Dentist Office Music

Orange Records Ltd. – Land O’ Lakes (1979)

On the Level
Fast Foods
Straight Girl

John Donniacuo – guitar
Kacy Ross – guitar
Jeffery Levy – drums
Nancy Sebek - backing vocals
Mark Scott – guitar
John Comerford – bass

Having more than two guitarists in a band, unless you’re Lynyrd Skynyrd or Glen Branca, is just an excuse for being too gutless to kick a superfluous friend outta the band. Then you wind up splitting your $30 after the show six ways instead of five. Except for a handful of people, Florida didn’t start figuring out punk rock/new wave until about 1981, and these guys are no exception. I wasn’t aware of their existence back in the day – or the existence of Land O’ Lakes (near Tampa I’m told), for that matter. Three of the four songs are not bad in a 70’s rock type of way, though a little clunky in parts. This is somewhat interesting in that it was released on that David Peel character’s Orange Records label, making them label-mates with everyone’s favorite dead guy, GG Allin. These folks put out one more single and currently have an elaborate website devoted to themselves.

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