Monday, June 8, 2009


Far Out Records - Ft Lauderdale (1993)

Naked at the Gunshow
Lunch Theme from Dick Royale
Big Big Plans

Dick Royale – guitar, vocals
Lil’ Willy – bass
Billy – organ
Schlong Doggie – drums
Mr. Entertainment – beer
Captain Johnson – saxophone

On paper, this should be a lackluster affair – ugly cover, saxophones, copious use of keyboards, bowling, hit&miss label, Hal Specter production, etc., but this is one fine record. “Naked at the Gunshow” is a catchy and goofy spiritual sequel to the Gay Cowboys’ “X-rated go-go lunch”. “Lunch Theme” is kitchy & ok – no big deal. “Big Big Plans” is another excellent song, with great vocals, lead saxophone and tasteful guitar. Great production, great songs – perfectly executed – good job goofballs! Their only other vinyl appearance is a song on the hard to find Far Out Records compilation LP.

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