Monday, June 8, 2009

FROSTY – Drive Thru Lover / Get my Rocks Off 7”

Menlo Park Records – Miami Beach (1997)

Andres – drums, keyboards
Syd - bass
Lisa - guitar
Lance – vocals, keyboard

A conventional (given one side was recorded by Tom Smith, the other by Bill Orcutt), but extremely trashy record, with a back cover that would surely bring any N.A. meeting to a sordid end. I only got a chance to see them once or twice at Churchills. Their shtik was to be totally gay, obnoxious, noisy and devoted to drugs. Drive Thru Lover, the better song of the two, concerns a sexual experience with the cashier while buying burgers at the local McDonald’s/Checkers/whatever. Over the top vocals and under the basement production make this a winner. They continued on to make a split 7” with Harry Pussy and a seldom-seen cd, also on Menlo Park. This is the one to get.

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