Monday, June 1, 2009

RADON 4-song EP

NO IDEA -- 1992, Gainesville

Bill Clower -- drums
Dave Rohm -- guitar, vocal
Brent Wilson -- guitar, vocal

Welcome Home
Facial Disobedience

This record challenges two of your most deeply held assumptions: 1) All pop-punk sucks and 2) All No Idea releases suck.

On the first point, you may argue this is a bit too raw to be called pop-punk, but by 1992 standards it did earn that label. Besides, this record is so catchy, its ridiculous. The chorus of the song 'Radon' compels singing along, even some la-da-da-das, so you might want to listen to it while you're alone to avoid embarrassment.

The record offers some surprising lyrical insights, such as "you will crawl on your belly and you will eat dirt all the days of your life, and so will I, la-da-da-da." They are so right.

Your second point doesn't deserve an answer. This is a fine record and you should apologize for getting drunk and mouthing off about people who are trying their best.

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