Sunday, May 31, 2009


Boca Raton (VLV) and Miami (Paperdolls), Incest Records, 2009

Viva Le Vox:
Tony Bones, vocal, guitar
Manimal, drums
Scarecrow Jenkins, bass, vocal

Tara, guitar, vocal, ukelele
Guido, guitar, vocal, percussion

Down at the Laundromat (VLV)
Six Inches off the Floor (VLV)
Dark Cold Sudden (PD)
Woodburning Kit (PD)

Two very different bands here. VLV is a three-piece punkabilly outfit made up of a standup bass, tattoos and sideburns. Live you can hear how they came to rockabilly through Joe Strummer (through affectations and choice of covers) but the record is more straightforward -- one song is about hanging on and the other about hanging yourself. They are a high energy band with an acoustic feel so the sound is not particularly big. When I saw them in Lake Worth, some 40-ish English guy was heckling them demanding "real punk rock."

On the flipside, the Paperdolls play what the band calls 'doom folk.' I appreciate the description because I was sort of at a loss. This duo plays music you can enjoy while sitting down or at least looking down, but not as dull as that may imply. Some interesting guitar picking and vaguely mysterious lyrics.

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