Sunday, May 31, 2009


1-2-3-4 Go Records – San Francisco (via Miami) and Pensacola (2007)

OFR – Potential
OFR – Up and Down
FV – Fireships
FV – Between the Grooves

This one is of dubious Florida pedigree – OFR started in Miami as the Funyons (not sure if a real or imagined lawsuit caused the name change) but have been in SF for some time now. Pensacola is technically in Florida, so here we go! Onion Flavored Rings consists of ex-patriot Floridians Steve Funyon, Erick Lyle (aka the artist formerly known as Iggy Scam) and Paul Curran. The guitar is fuzzier than I remember. Both songs are well-written and wordy (for punk rock) and Steve sounds like a slightly warped Buddy Holley – I’ll be trying to track down their other recordings. Future Virgins include Mike Pack (also of equally great Ye Olde Buttfuck), Cole Champion, Ashley Krey and Billie Johnson. Both songs are thoughtful and great raw punk rock (yeah, I know) with Chattanooga drunk-punk connections. I believe they’re working on an lp – can’t wait. Unlike 99% of the stuff discussed here – this is still in print. Buy it.

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