Monday, June 8, 2009

X-CONZ - Do Dead People Tan? 7”

Edge Records – Miramar (1981)

Do Dead People Tan?
(She’s my) Hosebag
A.R.M.Y. Now
Big Mouthed Girls

Lenny Boguslaw – bass
Yves Bouhadana - guitar
Rob Elba - vocals, guitar
Glenn Wexo – drums

This is notable mainly as the first appearance by future Holy Terror and man about town, Rob Elba. For the most part, this record falls squarely on the power pop side of life and sounds very 1981. All songs are competent with good guitar parts, maybe a little thin soundwise, and concern crazy wimmins, a fulfilling life in the army and the problems associated with being dead. Mr. Elba would further hone his song writing craft later with the Terrors. Quite good, given it’s level of obscurity.

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