Thursday, June 25, 2009

MAGGOT SANDWICH – Dead to my World 7” EP

KML Records – Pensacola (1985)

You’re a Bum
Gut Bomb
Abortion Debate
Everything I touch

Vik Kaos – guitar, vocals
Steev Kaos – drums
Kandy Gram – keyboards
Buzz Zerk – vocals, Harmonica
Kaptin Krap – bass

1985 was not a good time to begin your punk rock career in Florida (or anywhere else). Most sensible people bailed when they looked around at a punk show and couldn’t find an actual female person in the audience. Luckily for these folks, they lived in the middle of fucking nowhere & the rot apparently hadn’t spread to Pensacola. This record is recorded fairly horribly and is more hardcore than punk, but has interesting flourishes here and there. Ugly cover though. I’m reminded of Broken Talent, but can’t figure out why – probably lyrically. Their next record was even better. Features Kaptin Krap on bass!


  1. horrible! I think not. Everything I Touch is nothing short of a swamp punk classic. 87's get off the stage l.p. is their best, check it out!

  2. Sound quality on this one is really, really lo-fi. I just dubbed it for someone and had to set the recoring level on 10 and it still never got near the red.

    "Everything I Touch" is a great song, as is "Abortion Debate." This is also the only record with first singer Buzz Zerk, who left the band on bad terms.

    They got better on the second 7", "Suckcess Pool" and peaked with 1987's "Get Off The Stage" LP.