Thursday, June 25, 2009

BELTONES – Naming My Bullets 7” EP

TKO Records - Deerfield Beach (1998)

Naming My Bullets
Juvenile Delinquent
Suzy is a Heartbreaker v2.0
Let the Bombs Fall

Bill McFadden - vocals, guitar
Chris Arocha - bass
Rob Sessions – guitar
Kevin Crook – drums

The third record by the Beltones may be their best. The Beltones got their start in Broward County, fled North to Gainesville (around the time of this records), eventually defected to Texas and then dissolved. If you like all things Irish, drunk, angry, SLF, etc., the Beltones are for you! I’m not the world’s biggest fan of all of the previous things & these guys were pretty damn derivative – but they usually put on a good show, cared about what they were doing and were from Florida! “Let the Bombs Fall” is a particularly personal song about family tragedy leading to antipathy toward the entire world. Naming my Bullets (the song) is another hit.

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