Saturday, June 27, 2009

BELTONES -- My Old Man 7"

JUST ADD WATER RECORDS -- Deerfield Beach, 1996

My Old Man
Fuck You Anyway

Bill McFadden -- Vocal, guitar
Chris War -- Bass
Kevin Crook -- Drums
Rob Sessions -- Guitar

No one reviews a Beltones record without mentioning Stiff Little Fingers and this single is part of the reason why. 'My Old Man' starts out with a stacato military drum beat, anthemic guitar, personal lyrics and a guttural vocal straight off of Nobody's Heroes, sans Irish accent. Well, maybe there's a little Irish accent in there...

The B-side describes a scene that anyone who punk rock speaks to has experienced a zillion times. 'Fuck You Anyway' sums it up.

Formed in 1994, this band released two full lengths and four 7"s and appeared on several comps. This one is recommended.

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