Saturday, June 27, 2009

GROSS NATIONAL PRODUCT -- Ronald McVomit's 14-Song Happy Meal

Bacon Towne Records -- Tallevast (2006)

Plastic Surgery
And Waffles for All!
Taco Bells in Mexico
Dumb it Down
Weather the Storm
Steal From Walmart
Ronald McVomit
God is an A-Hole
We're Everywhere
You Want to Be
Marley DeCosta - vocal
Scott Bentz - drums
Adam Dabrowski - guitar
Bob Suren - bass

This record is appalling. I don't mean this as a criticism. This is a genuine hardcore punk (not heavy metal) record with shouted female vocals and lots of songs and lyrics -- all furious, self-righteous, vile, funny, inept, clever, juvenile and brief. This is pure and free of any self-editing. I can imagine this band emerging, playing two shows, recording this record and disappearing. Throwaway punk of a high order.

It is not art, but in spite of that there are flashes of Melt Banana energy and vocal style here. (Am I suggesting Melt Banana is art?) There is a little Crass in some of the songs too, at least in attitude. Maybe I'm stretching, but in any case these teenagers (a guess, probably correct except for the bass player) clearly listen to a lot of 1980s hardcore.

A coloring book is included that I do not recommend sharing with your children. The crucifixion of Mickey Mouse is perhaps the highlight, but with the right choice of crayons the Ronald McDonald vomiting on children drawing would be a nice addition to your refrigerator door.


  1. Actually, we played dozens of shows and stuck around for about 2 years. We made a demo before the 7" and there are the more songs from the same studio session as the 7".
    --Bob "lead bass player"

  2. This GNP 7 inch is without a doubt one of my favorite releases of all time! 14 songs on one 7 inch, all rock, all are amazing! I think this was limited, do you know where to get more copies? This is one of those records I want to buy for ALL of my friends. By the by, they were an amazing live band! I cried when they broke up. Gross National Product forever!!!