Sunday, June 28, 2009

GRAIN -- Roadkill 7"

Goldentone Records -- Gainesville (1995?)

Rob Dark -- bass
Rob Harris -- guitar and vocal
Rob McGregor -- guitar and vocal
Eddie Sanchez -- drums

Some bands are great live but fail to successfully document how good they were on vinyl. Grain is the opposite. They were a competent rather than a great live band, but fortunately they captured their best song on vinyl while it was fresh. 'Roadkill' is that song.

Much of Grain's stuff was fairly laid-back, some almost countrified. You can here this on the B-side. But on Roadkill, they nailed this stair-stepping chord progession that encourages head-banging without a wisp of metal anywhere in the track.

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  1. thanx! yeah, it was pretty cool...

    -Rob H