Sunday, June 28, 2009

CHICKENHEAD – Everything Must Go 7” EP

4 ½ Finger Records – Miami (1992)

Born to Lose
Smash and Grab
Burn it Down
Everything Must Go
Short Fuse
Chickenhead won the war

Iggy Scam – guitar
Chuck Loose – vocals
Buddha – bass
Scott Crackrock – drums

It’s no exaggeration to state that this is a record that launched 100 records (mostly along a Miami – Chattanooga - San Francisco axis of evil). The Chickenhead mascot could often be found painted on boxcars along this route. I may be wrong, but I think this is the first vinyl appearance by each of the FLA luminaries in the band – or 3 outta 4. A prevailing theme is a total lack of respect for property (theirs or other peoples’). Each song is a short blast of sloppy, un-melodic malevolence half way between punk and hardcore. That’s a hearty recommendation, by the way. “Born to lose and I think it’s cool” is a representative sample lyric. Make sure the Chickenhead Story is included in your copy– its ridiculous propaganda that is a precursor to Scam Magazine (an occasionally very well written guide to scamming one’s way through life). In fact the record was sold for $1 because pressing costs were mostly scammed. Fidel Castro is given co-songwriting credit on all songs- though this could not be confirmed. Once Chuck Loose figured out he couldn’t easily top setting himself on fire on stage at Churchills, he decided to be the drummer for the Crumbs. Mr. Scam has taken on the assumed name “Erick Lyle” and remains in the industry, as does Buddha.

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