Sunday, June 28, 2009

LOAD – Does Dead Godflesh Smell 7” EP

Faceless Records – Hollywood (1992)

Does Dead Godflesh Smell
Barbara’s Bush
Trying to Use

Bobby Load – vocals
Jeff Tucci – guitar
Tony - bass
Fausto – drums

Really nice cover photos showing the perils of (presumably) being shot in the face with a shotgun. During their storied career, Load released four singles, two LP’s and appeared on a few comps. This is their debut. “Godflesh” is a great song, despite occasional narration from what sounds like Fred Gwynn’s redneck brother. “Trying to Use” has tapes running through it and is just ok. Everyone wanted to have “found” sounds on their records in the 90’s! “Barbara’s Bush” is nice. I’ve heard Load called a hardcore band several times & don’t know why – they’re more of an Unsane / Hammerhead / Amrep sounding band. Great players – great singer – they shouldda been huge – but, like others before them, were done in by geographical isolation (& legendary substance abuse).

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