Saturday, June 27, 2009


No Idea Records -- Gainesville (1988)

Conquer the Fear
A Place to Hang Your Head
Pete Brightman - vocal
Russ Johnson -- guitar
Victor Wilkinson -- drums
Greg Pierce -- bass
No Idea Records started as a punk rock fanzine in Gainesville and in their sixth issue, in 1986, they started including 7" records with each issue. The first of these was this one by the Doldrums, a band that included some of the most solid Gainesville punks and musicians of that time. Live, this band was monstrous, with a tight powerful sound and threatening and deranged frontman Peter Brightman.

Unfortunately, this doesn't entirely translate onto vinyl. Don't get me wrong; this is a fine disk, with 'Believe' and 'Stabilizer' as standouts. In the faster cuts, you can hear something like the early 1980s hardcore band Scream, and indeed Scream did play Gainesville a couple of times around then.

But recall also in the late 1980s a lot of good punk bands started experimenting with metal -- and promptly ceased to be good punk bands. There is some crossover influence here, no doubt.

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