Saturday, June 27, 2009

DIE STINKIN' -- H.M.F.U. 7" EP -- West Palm Beach (2004)

Baby, I Love Dope
Hey Man Fuck You
Can't Shake it Loose

John - Guitar, vocal
Brian - drums, vocal
Eric - bass

This band has been around, more or less, since 1985 and even on this self release they still don't pretend to have a record label. This is indicative of this unpretentious, fun punk band. When they snarl that they don't care, believe it.

It's probably all the cannabis. The first and best song on this EP is the live crowd favorite 'Baby, I Love Dope,' which captures the band's live-free-and-die credo nearly as well as their earlier classics 'Kids Keep Smoking Pot' and 'Beer' from their 'Smell is in the Air' full-length. There are no songs here about global warming or abolishing the Federal Reserve. All four on this EP are quick, memorable.

The two founding members of the group, on guitar and drums, are veteran Palm Beach County lifeguards and there is a beach feel to some of their songs, but this is not overwhelming. The music is upbeat punk rock with clear, clever, humorous lyrics. The addition of Eric Ridgemont on bass in the early '00s added new comic energy to this already highly energetic trio (sometimes a quartet). For an example, see here.

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