Sunday, May 24, 2009


One Record Records – Delray Beach (1997)

Luke Berns – Guitar & vocals
Cecil Lyndsey – Guitars & vocal
Lee Lietzke – Bass
Aaron Pool – Drums

Puke Steve Puke
(the Way I) Feel about you
She’s Gone
Sweat it out
What to do
Pity Pedophile

These Palm Beach County punx seem to have been in action for about a year and released only this one below the radar EP. Once Around sounds like it was recorded in one take – guitars sound out of tune, I detect a timing issue or two and some parts fizzle out unexpectedly. These aspects only add to the “good” qualities of this record. Vocals are very good as is the songwriting. “Feel about you” is a particularly great song. This record could have been recorded 15 years earlier – though it lacks some of the hostility of that era. I can’t recommend it enough!


  1. Puke Steve Puke is my personal favorite.