Sunday, May 31, 2009

LOS CANADIANS – The Kids are Alroot EP

Starcrunch Records – Miami (1995)

Ivy Jeanne – Vocals
Buddha – Guitars
Timmy Put – Bass
Scott Crackrock – Drums

Never Can
False Prophit
Forget Now

One of my favorite records from the mid-90’s Florida punk renaissance. Kinda like a less-self indulgent Janis Joplin fronting a good punk band featuring buzzsaw guitars, busy bassplayer and quality songs. These guys were formerly known as Hey Schmecky or the Tri-Rails and are/were involved in other great bands. There’s a split cd (other band – Chickenhead) compiling this ep, their split ep with Black Fork, and some other stuff. The best stuff is here on this ep. Los Canadians regularly appeared at Churchills, punk picnics and Food Not Bombs-type soirees.

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