Sunday, September 15, 2013


This Here Records – Gainesville – 2000(?)

Marketable Melancholy
Dos Gatos
Figure Skator
Punctual Posse
I Kill Butterflies
Deadly Retribution III

Timmy Put – bass and or vocals
Wolski – drums, feathers
Michael Collins – guitar, vocals, liberty
Cinque – breasts and belly

A representative example of the region-rock phenomenon (basically a bunch of drunks who also rock – and leave a trail of empty beer cans stretching from Miami to Chattanooga with stops in Gainesville and other mostly-Southern cities. Songs are mid tempo to fast with gruff vocals, workmanlike musicianship with zero pretentiousness. Actually, pretentiousness in the rock arena can be a good thing – and if I remember correctly, their LP features a side-long ukulele “jam” and was a little more engaging….though – great name and inspired cover! I wondered who drank Busch, now I know it was bats all along.


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