Saturday, January 2, 2010

THE FRONT – Aluminum Room / Poor People 7”

Foam Records – Miami (1982)


Greg McLaughlin

Larry Hill

Steve Myers

Randy Rush

Flynn Picardal

Ackk!!! What happened? A severe 1-year decline from their great first single. Aluminum Room is dull new wave with no edge to it at all – and it sucks. Poor People may be worse. Being un-PC over quirky punk (Immigration Report) is one thing, extending said un-PC-ness over faux ska is another altogether. The band looks truly demented on the back cover photos – a minor plus.


  1. "Poor People" is a very catchy, very funny song, especially the part about sending them, "back to Arkansas or somewhere else that sucks." Also the "I don't have it, no, I don't have it part" is cool.
    -- Bob