Sunday, January 3, 2010

ASSPISS -- Fuck Off and Die 7" EP

Suburban White Trash Records -- Lake Worth (2010)

Rubber Bullets
Fuck Off and Die
Burn Palm Beach
Collection Bowl
Already Dead

It might be confusing that this record is on a Colorado label, but the injunction to 'Burn Palm Beach' grounds it within Sunshine State lines. The explanation is that Punk Rock Joel, known well by the Lake Worth scene that spawned both him and this band, moved out west for work and, finding it, was flush enough to launch the label. He chose the infamous Asspiss for the first number.

Infamous is a tough label to earn these days, but these hard-working gentlemen have set their sights high. It starts with the name, but does not end there. West Palm Beach's Respectable Street Cafe forced Asspiss to use a different name ("Distrophy") at an early show as a prereq for playing their club, something which may or may not happen again. Several clubs will never have these boys back on the premises, inclined as singer Germ is to use his mic to malign the management and atmosphere of the establishments that invite him in. In the Asspiss universe real punk rock occurs in homes and warehouses (and outhouses too, I guess). Commercial establishments can fuck off.

Given this background, you have some idea of what this hardcore punk record sounds like, starting and ending with rage stained with violence and scatology. It is surprisingly competent, however, with lead guitar being the standout, although the band made no effort to showcase this in this recording. Why would they? Credit here goes to Dave, formerly guitarist for The Belligerents.

I don't know what the best track(s) are. Just listen to it straight through, loud. That should work out okay for you.


  1. Mattio furniture and the gaybirds (mfag) is the best punk band from west palm.

  2. recorded in less than two days, on a 308 tascam 8-track, and in germ's house with an upturned couch for a vocal both. it went to vynil unmixed and unmastered, so i dont want to hear any shit about the lack of recording quality, i did what i could with what i had. but i do agree, "belligerent" dave is a god among men in mohawks. and mad thanks to joel for pressing this shit. and if anyone wants a copy of the record or mp3s to burn a cd, hit me up on facebook and it'll get it out to ya.

    -Bobby C

  3. Asspiss rulez Hollywood...
    say it with spray paint...