Saturday, August 8, 2009

U-BOATS – Dead and Desparate EP

Crow Records – Tampa (1983)

America Unemployed

VFW Ball

Bad Boy

Mike Nelson – vocals

Jay Jetmore – guitar

Aaron Knerr – drums

Alex Civiletti – bass

Second single from Tampa’s U-Boats. They followed this with an LP and their disappearance from the music industry. They were fairly well know back in the day, but I can’t remember them ever playing anywhere but Tampa. Anyway, America Unemployed concerns the injustice of not being able to find employment, despite such worthy attributes as laziness, open hostility and slovenliness. B-side consists of two short songs displaying bad attitudes with varying degrees of cleverness. Bad Boy sounds great if you can ignore lyrics such as “I need a new toy because I am a bad boy” – it’s a little difficult as that’s the chorus though. Overall a quite good up-tempo PUNK ROCK record – no real HC influence here.

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