Sunday, July 12, 2009

THE PANICS – I’m a Fan / Test-Test 7”

Superdisc – Ft. Myers (1980)

S. Eldridge
J. Slaughter
J. Becker

The Panics put out two 7”es and an LP in the early 1980’s in Ft. Fukkin Myers. They must have felt like the biggest freaks/goofballs in the world - operating in near isolation. Ft. Myers is a sad place now – it must have been that much worse back in 1980. I don’t remember hearing about them “back in the day”, so they probably never or rarely made it out of Ft. Myers. These dudes probably had the last laugh though, as recently their records seem to be back in circulation – and at collector prices. That box in the back of the closet for 30 years is finally paying off. My copy of this record doesn’t have the picture sleeve – a nice nuclear explosion. I’m a fan is catchy, well-played, well-produced power pop. I hate songs about fandom – but I’ll give this one a pass. Test-test is closer to punk rock with an ungainly riff that works, rad guitar, negative outlook – all you need.

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